Security Kit

Composed of a series of abnormality-detecting devices, you will be alerted on your mobile phone should anything unusual or unexpected occur in your home. Once you receive the alarm alert, Wattio’s mobile application will allow you to take action and resolve the matter with the mere pressing of a button.

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Security should not be a luxury

Experiencing the kind of tranquility that says all is well at home whenever you’re away should be something all of us can afford. Which is why we at Wattio are continually working to provide you with diverse security devices to resolve whichever sources of risk you may have in your home. Would you like to find out how you can eliminate these risks?

Intrusion Control:

Intrusion control is composed of two devices which can be installed independently in your home. A movement sensor and open-door sensor will flash an alert to your mobile phone should an unexpected intruder enter your home.

Technical alarms:

The Wattio System has a series of devices designed to detect abnormalities such as fires or gas leaks, which connected to an anti-fame system or an automatic gas-shutdown valve can render a potential tragedy into just a mild fright.

80% of home break-ins occur at the main entrance