Live in a SmartHome

  •   Energy saving Wattio allows you to know when and how you consume energy. It also turns on automatically your electrical appliances comfortably and simply. Save on your electrical bill as you learn.
  •   Security alerts Receive alerts on your mobile phone if some unwanted stranger enter your house or there be a gas leak. Calling the police or shutting off your gas is just a click away.
  •   Comfort Control your home temperature from your mobile phone. Monitoring your central heating or air conditioning was never easier.
  •   Care of dependent persons Receive a phone alert should a loved one who depends on you suffer a fall or leave home. The immediacy of this system could save a life.

A new way to control your world

The Wattio System is composed of a series of data-collecting devices that can be managed from a receptor equipped with a touch screen installed at the entrance of your home (THE GATE) or by accessing this Wattio application from a computer with an Internet connection or your mobile phone.


We have obtained 50% savings in computer equipment and 30% in illumination.


Control things day-to-day and make your home a more sustainable space.

Product recognition